David Pablo Montero – Project Experience

  • 11
  • 10th November 2016

Testimonial David

What were your expectations of the SSF-project?

It is especially hard to match expectations when dealing with a new experience. Before I joined UNIQUM 2.0 I had many questions in my mind. Will this project be challenging enough? How is UNIQUM going to satisfy my learning expectative?. Am I going to be able to speak freely and implement my ideas into the project? After the project was successfully completed I can definitely say the SSF-project far exceeded my expectations.

How was it to work for a real client?

It was actually the first time I had the opportunity to be part of a real life project. The meetings with the clients add an extra value to the project. By dealing with their needs and our perspective I could learn that the best outcome is developed when integrating all the different parties involved into the same vision.

How was it to work with people with other disciplines?

By working on the project we were able to integrate different perspectives. The different educational backgrounds of the team members improved the project experience by adding insightful complexity at the co-working sessions. There was an interesting mix of students with a various background ranging from psychology, business and design.

Did the Service Science Factory succeed at providing a fun platform to co-create? Why? How?

The service science factory is a great place to co-work. The facilities are very inspiring and the design of the meetings combining formal but also informal discussions encourages the participation of all team members.

What do you think of the final result of the project?

It was very satisfactory to attend the final presentation of the project at the SSF. Not only the clients and all stakeholders involved were present but we also gathered the attention of fellow students. I had the chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with the attendees and they all agree on the same fact. The outcome exceeds the expectations.

What do you take out of this experience?                        

In this experience I practised my communication and leadership skills and I also I had the possibility to interact and exchange ideas with professionals but most of all, I was able to speak freely, put theory into practice and last but not least, meet great people from all over the world and from different educational backgrounds

Would you recommend fellow students to participate in a SSF project and why?

I strongly recommend participating in one of the SSF project to all those fellow students that are willing to cause an impact, put theory into practice and have a good time developing a real life project.