Porta Mosana ‘The School of the Future’

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  • 2nd June 2017

Over the past two weeks, second year high-school students (ages 13-14) of Porta Mosana chose to participate in the ‘School of the Future’ project. Twelve groups of 5-6 students worked on the following three themes: Architectural Design, Urban Design and Service Design, with the goal of designing their new future school. Project Leader Damien Nunes hosted workshops and presentations on all three topics (with great help from N Architecten) to inspire the students.

On Tuesday evening, the student groups presented their ideas, mock-ups and prototypes to their parents, and to an expert panel consisting of Damien Nunes (Service Design) Roel Raeven (Architect at N Architects, Architectural Design) and André Postema (Chairman of the LVO board, Urban Design).

Student’s work was presented through models, sketches, Lego, Minecraft, 3D VR models and more! Inspiring to see how much creativity was unleashed in just a few days, and impressive to see the pitches in fluent English!

Watch the video here: