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Some of our most noteworthy get-togethers

Lego Serious Play

We had the pleasure of hosting Laila Pawlak and Kris Østergaard of Dare2 for a Lego Serious Play workshop. This workshop engaged participants to use this playful method to develop their companies strategy.

Prof. Amy Edmondson on Teaming

We hosted an exclusive seminar by Harvard Business Professor Amy Edmondson on "Teaming, How Organizations Learn, Innovate and Compete in the Knowledge Economy". This seminar discussed teaming as a strategic response to the fluid demands of knowledge intensive businesses.

Service Innovation Awareness sessions

SSF is part of two regional initiatives: LimburgMakers and MeerWaarde met Diensten. Both focus on increasing the competitiveness of regional manufacturing companies, often by means of service innovation. SSF hosts several workshops and training sessions for owners and managers of these manufacturing companies, all themed around service innovation awareness and application.

Global Sustainability Jam

The Global Sustainability Jam is a yearly event, hosted in over 40 cities worldwide. SSF hosted the location in Maastricht, and brought together people with a drive to change the world (one small step at a time).

Summer School: Service Innovation and Design

Every summer we welcome 15-20 ambitious international summer school students. This crash course on service innovation and design methodologies provides a solid theoretical foundation, combined with an interactive practical application of all concepts.

Service Science Cafés

On a regular basis, we invite our network for a themed Service Science Café. Meet interesting people, be inspired by expert talks and learn about the process and outcomes of our most recent projects.