Maastricht UMC+
Improving the patient experience

The Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+) is exploring different ways for improving their patient’s experience before, during and after treatment. They investigated the journey of patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery, and asked SSF to develop an integrated set of concepts that can be easily adopted by the hospital staff.

project meetings
Project members

"During the project, the team took our feedback and input seriously.
As a result, the orthopaedic staff could really relate to the deliverables. The presentation of the outcomes was well received."

− Vivian Hoogland, Manager business communication (MUMC+)

The project team interviewed patients, visualised the patient journey and crafted a blueprint of the current situation. The blueprint of a ser­vice shows customer – employee interaction, as well as processes that support the interaction. The team furthermore used academic litera­ture about themes such as online support groups, patient – physician interaction and effective communication.

Several concepts were then developed and integrated into an over­arching implementation guideline illustrating the contribution of staff members to the patient’s experience. An example of a concept is the postcard on the right that will be sent to patients two weeks after their discharge, to remind them that the caregivers still care. The team measured the leverage of the concepts, and fully developed the most effective concepts.


The new blueprint led to more efficient planning of meetings that have to take place before surgery, increasing the convenience for the pa­tients. The concepts were presented to the staff of the orthopaedic department and will be fully implemented, with the potential of scaling up to other departments.