TAPIJN | Common ground

The Tapijnkazerne in Maastricht is an abandoned army base next to the city park of Maastricht. Because of its location, historic value and amount of unused space within the city centre it is a site with a lot of potential. Maastricht University, the Province of Limburg and the city all signed up to develop this site into a new attractive area where the academic life meets the inhabitants of Maastricht in a green relaxing atmosphere. The Service Science Factory was called in to see what the needs are from the different stakeholders and visualize how this site could look like in the future.

newspaper article Observant: ‘more people, the more attractive!’

Stakeholder interviews
New concepts

"The Service Science Factory really helped to bring our vision come to life and added a lot of new concepts to it.
This is a very productive project which we will use for the next steps of the development of the Tapijn-site."

− Rene Verspeek - Project leider Tapijnkazerne (Maastricht University)

The team has done research on relevant benchmarks all around the world and found interesting spaces such as the workspaces of TU Delft, Google headquarters and the new trend of flex food markets where people with different budgets and cultures can buy their food, eat and socialize. We also did an urbanistic analysis of the site to see how the Tapijnkazerne links up with its surroundings, how the buildings are situated and what kind of buildings are there and will be demolished in the future. Furthermore we did an analysis of the stakeholders involved, did several interviews with people from the community, students, academics and key stakeholders. This and other analyses were thoroughly looked at to find opportunities for a common ground.

After several ideation sessions we came up with (service) concepts which could take place at Tapijn and within the buildings on site. We divided these concepts in three clusters: ‘UM-WINDOWS’, ‘LEARNING’ and ‘LIFESTYLE’. These are the foundation of our vision which fits with the original vision document and the input we have got during the interviews.


During the final phase (Factoryze-phase) we branded our vision by creating a logo with the subtitle ‘common ground’. We also visualized every concept and made a customer journey with personas that interacted with our Tapijn-vision. This customer journey was captured in a video with artistic impressions of the future Tapijn. Furthermore we documented all our extensive work in the form of posters, a mock-up of the site with several service layers, a project booklet with an overview and a separate inspiration booklet with all worked out concepts.