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We’re always looking for motivated team members! Whether you’re a student, academic or professional, feel free to send an open application at any time through the form at the bottom of this page. You can take a look at the projects we’re currently recruiting for on the right hand side, and apply for a specific project through the same form!

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We are currently acquiring NEW PROJECTS

We are currently acquiring NEW PROJECTS

Who are we looking for?

Students & Academics

We are always looking for academics who are interested in joining one of our projects. So if you are a student, PhD, tutor, professor or someone else with an academic background who is interested in sharing their knowledge and contribute to the development of new service concepts that will change the industry you are more than welcome to get in contact with us.

External professionals

Next to academics we also invite external professionals to join our projects. So if you see a project that you find interesting and you think you can bring something extra to the table regarding a certain subject please get in contact with us.

Team players

Service innovation projects are executed in teams ranging normally from 6 to 12 people with often different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This means that respect and communication is very important to be able to share knowledge and ideas. Most of the projects are therefore in English and it is a plus if you are also able to convey your thoughts in a visual way.

As we are a team with a common goal it is also very important that we follow through on the promises that we make. We are dependent on each other and with missing project material, it is like building a house with missing bricks, it is not weather proof.

What can we offer you?

Service design experience

More and more companies look for students with extracurricular experience. It also happens to be that service design skills & knowledge are currently in high demand because of servitization transitions in many sectors. Joining one of our projects is a smart way to stand out on the job market.

Practical skills & knowledge

Our projects are incentivised by real life clients who influence the real world. The practical experience you will have is a great way to further develop your generic skills (such as communicating, problem-solving and flexibility). Furthermore you will learn a lot from working together with people from different disciplines and backgrounds.

(Social) Network possibilities

We embrace the motto “work hard, play hard”, which means we do important work but have a lot of fun during our project meetings and social get-togethers. Joining a project is also a unique opportunity to showcase your talent & skills to the client and have the opportunity to have a job offer before you are graduated.

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