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Service Innovation


Innovation is key for every organisation’s growth and sometimes even for its survival. Especially in dynamic times with new technologies and competitors emerging quickly, the success of small and large, profit and non-profit companies is determined by its abilities to innovate. Service Innovation, so innovating new or existing services, is adopted by leading companies to develop new business, avoid competition, and secure workplaces. (Service) Design Thinking is the practice-based discipline of Service Innovation and provides simple but effective tools and processes to develop stronger organisations.

Application to your own business!


In this workshop, the Service Science Factory (SSF) introduces you to both Service Innovation and Design, and shares inspiring best practices. After setting the framework, you develop new services using the SSF-developed method of Futurize. Through a combination of trends, user insights and challenges, your creative potential is unleashed. Tangible and practical outcomes characterize this workshop. The workshop takes a user-centered approach, which is critical when using service design for innovation.

To experience how service design methods contribute to service innovation, you will work on a case we developed, called ‘Bake-it’. In an interactive setting, you will take the perspective of a large manufacturing company that is looking to offer additional value to its clients.

Together with other participants, you have the opportunity to work on your own business challenge in several parts of the workshop.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • How to leverage on user insights and different trends?
  • How to map and analyse user experiences?
  • How can you develop and test new services concepts?

Facilitated by Dr. Dominik Mahr, Scientific Director Service Science Factory


Dominik is an Associate Professor at the Marketing and Supply Chain Management department of Maastricht University. In his current capacity as Scientific Director of the Service Science Factory (SSF), he is responsible for a wide range of services that create new and improve existing offers of companies.

Please contact Daria Doets for more information at d.doets@maastrichtuniversity.nl or call 043-3884611.