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Innovate your offerings

What can we do for you?

The Service Science Factory helps you identify business challenges and potential innovations, and makes them tangible. In our service innovation projects we develop and design a new/improved service concept, which takes no more than 8 to 12 weeks. Projects usually include qualitative and quantitative customer analysis, market trends analysis, competitor analysis, value analysis, service blueprinting, persona development, a range of new service ideas and a ready to implement service concept, but this can change according to the needs of the client.

What is the relevance?

Services are becoming more and more important. Our economy is becoming increasingly service oriented, leaving many business struggling to adapt. Research has shown that profit margins are higher for companies with a strong focus on service delivery (5% product centric businesses vs 15% service centric businesses).

Providing a service, however, is not static. It means that you need to know the market, the customer, the company’s competences and constantly evaluate the status of the service. You need to constantly improve your service and come up with innovations, in order to keep up with the demand of your customer and retain your competitive advantage.

What is our track record?
50+ projects | 25+ clients | 10 sectors | 5+ years

Grow your innovation capacity

All our workshops and trainings are tailor-made to your wishes. With your input we can create a session that best suits your needs in terms of content, structure, number of participants and timing.

Vision and strategy days for higher executives

In order to align a service innovation strategy with existing offerings and the current strategy, it is essential to establish a sense of urgency and alignment among the management team. We can facilitate a full day for higher executives to demonstrate the strategic value of service innovation, highlight the need for change, and develop a vision and strategy for integrating service innovation. We’ve already worked with companies such as Chemelot Campus, L1 and Ceva Santé Animale.

Awareness sessions for managers & service employees

Especially in product-centric companies and manufacturers, service is often seen as cost factor necessary to maintain and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Often these companies regard service as a way to stay in contact with the customer in order to increase purchases. We offer a series of awareness sessions aimed at middle management and service employees to initiate a mind shift that understands value-added services as a new revenue stream.

Service innovation & design training

We’re well-equipped to train you and your team in service innovation and design. You will learn valuable skills and insights to be able to practice sustainable service innovation. Some of the topics that can be covered are:

Services blueprintCustomer journey | IdeationQualitative & Quantitative research methods | and many more…

Tackle challenges

Work with the brightest young minds in academia, or have them develop solutions to tackle your challenges.


Businesses face the dilemma dividing resources between protecting the current value chain and developing new value propositions that in time replace the old ones. Not every organisation has the luxury to have its own dedicated innovation unit and still then the ideas might not always be too innovative. Hackathons are an affordable and energising way to generate innovative ideas that can revolutionise your organisation.

Read our article on the value of hackathons here (click).

Student Challenges

The purpose of hosting student challenges is twofold. The primary goal is to let students design thought-provoking ideas or solutions for your business challenge. An amazing secondary benefit, is the access you get to ambitious talent. Recruitment is costly, and seeing students in action working on your challenges is an amazing way to spot and select talent for your organisation.